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World War II Rescue at Drumshee

World War II Rescue at Drumshee‘So we’re prisoners, thought Ed. We’ll be taken back to Germany, put into German prison camps. 

He would not have his holiday in Ireland, would not see his father, mother and sister until the war was over, or he might never see them again. 

He stared dully out at the empty sea. If only, he thought – if only there was someone out there who would rescue us.’

‘Dear Mr and Mrs McMahon,

…If we are relatives, I wonder could I ask a great favour of you. I have a son, Clive aged fourteen, and a daughter, Marjorie, aged eleven. I urgently need to evacuate them from this dangerous spot; we are only a few miles from the coast of England and invasion could happen at any moment. ‘

‘ …we would love to have your children, though I must warn you that the place is full of children at the moment. 

Bridget is here for the summer with her twins, Paddy and Patsy, and our niece Kitty is here with her daughter Vivian – she’s fourteen – and her son Ed who’s twenty and in the American Merchant Navy will be arriving next month.’

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora Harrison‘In this book I have taken the opportunity to go back to some characters from former books. 

Ed, the young American marine sailor, is the son of Kitty from Titanic, the twins Paddy and Patsy are the children of Bridget from Drumshee Rebel; Clive and Marjorie are the descendents of Fiona from Famine Secret. 

I hope that readers who enjoyed these books will equally enjoy the exciting adventure in World War II Rescue at Drumshee.

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