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The Magic Fire


Cora Harrison began with this:


Once upon a time there was a little school. It was built on the side of a long, thin road that stretched for miles and miles until it reached the mountain.
From the outside it looked like an ordinary little two-class-roomed school, but inside it, instead of big, ugly radiators, it had a fire, a beautiful fire that glowed red and orange and filled the room with a cosy heat.
But this wasn’t an ordinary fire: it was a magic fire.
And only the children knew that it was a magic fire.
You see, this fire could speak, but it spoke in such a high voice that only children, not adults, could hear its words.
And one day…


Kate O Mahony added this:


when the teacher had just started the lesson a load shout was heard from the fire place it said 'Is she gone yet children Iwould like to talk to you' the teacher shrieked and ran out the door down the road to get the police man...


Aoibheann added this:


Something terrible happened. The children, Were just finshing up there afternoon work, when their teacher annoucned that...


Claire added this:


And this was the terrible thing. The teacher announced it before the children went home.
'I'm fed up with you all looking at that fireplace and giggling' At the end of the week we are going to take it out and have some nice radiators instead.
Well, the children were so upset. They talked and talked on their way home and they wondered what to do. In the end Ronan said: 'I've got a good idea...


Evan added this:


And this was Ronan's good idea.'We'll ask the fire what to do,' he said.


Alannah added this:


so the next morning when the children came into the school and saw their fire, burning red and orange and making the room so cosy - well they couldn't wait to see what happened...


Keeva added this:


They did their sums, they did their spellings, they said their prayers, but the fire never spoke...


Ronan added this:


until the moment when they were getting ready to eat their lunch and then, at last the fire spoke. As usual, only the children could hear the high voice, the teacher took no notice.
And the fire spoke loud and clear to the children:
'We're off to the Land Of Fire,' it said.
'But what will the teacher do when she sees us missing?' asked Evan.
'Don't worry,' said the fire. 'I'll create models of you all and leave them here sitting in the desks. She'll never notice the difference.'
And so at that moment...


Aoibheann added this:


the fire turned black and blue, sending out thick black smoke. the children coughed. the teacher, who couldn't see the smoke or feel it, said crossly.
'be quiet!if you don't stop that terrible noisy coughing i'll-'
but then there was a WHOOSH, and a WHIRL, and the children landed on soft hard ground.


Sarah Patton added this:


It was like something in your dreams bright colours everywhere. Acarpet came over abd asked us how we were



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