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  Drumshee series Cora Harrison, Children's Author Dragonfly books

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Fiction for children:

Drumshee Chronicles and Timeline series:

Drumshee timeline

Drumshee Chronicles

Treachery at Midnight (Book two)

Murder Strikes Again (Book one)

Drumshee Timeline Series

Secret Spy from Drumshee (book 13)

Dark Days at Drumshee (book 12)

Titanic Voyage from Drumshee (book 6 new edition)

Famine Secret at Drumshee (book 5 new edition)

World War II Rescue at Drumshee (book 11)

Murder at Drumshee (book 10)

Viking at Drumshee (book 9)

The Drumshee Rebels (book 8)

millennium@drumshee (book 7)

Secret of 1798 (book 4) 

Secret of Drumshee Castle (book 3) 

Secret of the Seven Crosses (book 2)

Nuala & her Secret Wolf (book 1)

Wolf in the Midnight ForestThe Wolfcub series

For children between seven and nine

Wolf in the Midnight Forest

Wolf and the Frozen Mist

Watch out for future titles: "Wolf and the Palace of Gold" and "Wolf and the School for Warriors"

Dragonfly readersDragonfly Readers

For children between five and seven

The Wizard of the WoodsThe Fed-Up Vacuum Cleaner

General Field Mouse

I Want a Dog!

The Wizard of the Woods

Two Mad DogsChildren's Press

 For children between five and seven

Two Mad Dogs


Children's books in Irish

Obair Mharfach

Scéal bleachtaireachta eile do dhéagóirí leis an údar aitheanta seo.

 Scéal leantach é seo ar an teideal eile sa tsraith Dhá Chorp a foilsíodh cúpla bliain ó shin.

An babhta seo tá Tom a' Bhláca agus a chairde i mbun fiosraithe faoi bhás mistéireach seandálaí a raibh siad ag obair leis i rith an tsamhraidh.



Another detective story for teenagers by this well known author.

This is a follow up story to the previous title in the series, Dhá Chorp.

This time, Tom a' Bhláca and his friends investigate the mysterious death of an archaeologist with whom they were working during the summer.

Dhá Chorp

Úna Ní Chonchúir a d'aistrigh

Tógálaithe is iad ag obair ar shiopa Uí Raghallaigh, tagann siad ar dhá chorp faoi chláir urláir an tseansiopa.

Léigh an leabhair ...

Workmen renovating O'Reilly's shop find two bodies under the floorboards. Who put them there? How long have they been there?

Read an extract from this book in Irish

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