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Murder at Drumshee

Murder at Drumshee‘"I’ll kill him," said Mahon.

The other six students from Drumshee law school stood around awkwardly. 

They had been searching for Mahon for the last quarter of an hour and now they did not know what to say to him. 

He was standing under a big ash tree, his back turned to them, his arms hooked over a low branch. His face was hidden in his arms, but they know from his voice that he had been crying.’

Chapter 3

‘"He’s dead," screamed Mahon, bursting through the door of the schoolhouse. His face was as white as his linen tunic and his rough dark hair was standing on end…

"Who’s dead?" asked Ita eventually, but she knew the answer to her own question.

Gabur, the cruel teacher at the Drumshee law school is dead, but who has killed him?

Is it his student, Mahon, who has threatened to do it?

Is it Brendan who has been cheated by Gabur?

Is it Nessa whose father is forcing her to marry Gabur, a man more than twice her age when Nessa wants to marry Finbar, the handsome young musician?

Is it Donogh whose job is being threatened by Gabur?

No one, in this small community, mourns Gabur, but who did kill him?

Ita and her friends set out to prove Mahon’s innocence and to find the true murderer.

‘"Very clever," said… "You worked that one out very well. …You’re a clever boy, Mahon. Now don’t try to get away or to do anything to me. If you do, I’ll cut Ita’s throat. Come in here, both of you."’

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonThis is one of my favourite Drumshee books. I always enjoy a ‘whodunit’ myself and I am fascinated by the early Irish law system, the Brehon laws. These laws were so enlightened for their time: they allowed for divorce on incompatibility grounds; they gave equal rights to women and they held the family, or kin group, to be responsible for the behaviour of young people under seventeen.

When I read in a history book that there was an Iron Age fort near here still in use in the sixteenth century as a Brehon law school, I got the idea of writing about one within the fort of Drumshee and of Flann, the Brehon, having the responsibility of solving the murder mystery.

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