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Viking at Drumshee

Viking at DrumsheeItís Conn who captures Ivar, the Viking boy, and brings him home to Drumshee. But itís Connís sister Emer who realises just how useful Ivar could be.

Conn is the youngest warrior in Prince Brian Boruís army back in 10th century Ireland. They have been living wild in the hills, fighting the invading Vikings, but now the prince has no more money to feed his men. 

Meanwhile, in their settlement at Limerick, the Vikings have a huge hoard of treasure looted the abbeys of Ireland Ė but they guard it closely.

And thatís when Emer has her ideaÖ

ĎEmer landed on her feet on the quay and without a backward glance at Ivar, she set off running down the street, between the lit-p houses towards the huge house with the roof like an up-turned house. The feasting-hall, Ivar had called it.í

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonI first thought of the idea for this book after reading that a stone cross at Kilfenora, only four miles from here, had a Viking inscription on it.

I was quite surprised at that as I had always thought that the Vikings came no further west than the city of Limerick.

Then I read a book about Brian Boru, the great 10th/11th century Irish king and it said that before he came to his kingship Brian Boru spent many months hiding out in this region, near to Drumshee. When I read that I thought: why not in the underground room in Drumshee? And then the two things began to trigger the story in my mind and I sat down and wrote the opening words.

Ď"Watch his left side! Iíll guard his back."

That was the first time that Conn heard that terrible note of fear in his fatherís voice.í

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