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millennium@drumsheeEmma is depressed and miserable. She misses London and the fun of being a girl chess champion there. When she goes online to find herself someone to play chess with, she signs herself depressed@drumshee

To her surprise she gets an email back from a boy in Australia who says:

Ď"Drumshee! My great-great-grandfather came from a place called Drumshee."í

Emmaís father is a computer programmer so when Bruceís father, a bank official, is accused of a theft involving the transfer of bank funds by computer Emma turns to her father for help.

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonThis book is another one of my favourites. It is about three things that I love.

The first was my dog, Mara, who was a great character and a very beloved friend of all the family. In the book I call her Heidi, but otherwise itís a complete picture of my dog. She was quite a difficult dog when she was young, but once I started teaching her how to track and going tracking with her in Ashdown forest this absorbed all of her energies.

The second is chess which I have played since I was ten years old and always enjoyed immensely. When I was younger I played competition chess and was, a long time ago, the womenís university chess champion in Ireland. In recent years I got even more pleasure out of teaching children chess and in the year before I retired my schoolís chess team supplied a quarter of the British Under-Eleven team and a third of the British Under-Nine Team.

The third is computers. I donít know too much about them, but I find them endlessly intriguing. My son is a computer technician so he helped me with bits of this book and explained all the technical bits to me.

Another reason for liking this book is that it brings together many of the characters from the earlier books: Emma at Drumshee is the descendent of Deirdre from the Famine Secret; Bruce in Australia is the descendent of her younger brother Daniel in the same book, and the farm was sold to Emmaís father after James, from World War II, died.

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