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The Secret of 1798

The Secret of 1798Ireland is in turmoil. Wolfe Tone and other revolutionaries are hoping that France will aid those who want to establish liberty and equality for all.

But at Drumshee, Tom and his wife, Ann are just worrying about where the money for the rent can be found.

Tom’s daughter Caitriona suggests that they go fishing and sell the fish but this is the time when ships from France are making their way up the west coast and the little fishing coracle is swamped.

Now, however, she was only conscious that help was coming. A young man dressed in a blue jacket and white breeches, had dived off the forecastle of the ship and was swimming towards her….

"Do not struggle," he said in very good English, but with a strange accent…

"Oh, Lord," Tom murmured. "It’s the French!"

No matter what her stepmother says, Caitriona knows that they must hide Serge from the British army. After all, the young Frenchman has saved her life.

Exploring the farm, Caitriona and Serge stumble on a clue left by the boy, Malachy, who lived there centuries before. It points the way to a hidden purse of gold. If they find it, Caitriona could follow her dream of going to France with Serge and becoming a great singer.

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonThere have been a lot of books, including books for children, written about Wolfe Tone and the revolutionaries of 1798, but I wanted to present a picture of how the ordinary country people were living at the time and how the arrival of the French actually made life harder for them.

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