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The Secret of the Seven Crosses

The Secret of the Seven CrossesĎ"It was my grandfather who told me about the treasure of Kilfenora," said Rory, lowering his voice so much that Malachy and Mary had to learn forward to hear what he was saying. 

"He told me that the monks of Kilfenora Abbey had a huge store of treasure which they hid, long ago, to keep it safe from raiders, but that the secret of where itís hidden has been lost for centuries. 

It was a wonderful treasure, he said; it was full of gold coins and jewels and silver and gold cups and it was brought here from the east in great jars, taller than a man. 

The only thing anyone knew about the hiding place, his grandfather told him, was the secret was written down in one of the books of Kilfenora Abbey."í

What does the mysterious pattern in the herb garden mean?

Who is trying to steal the ancient Psalter of King David?

And what has become of the long-lost treasure of Kilfenora?

With the help of his friend Rory, Roryís sister Mary, and a wonderful Siamese cat, Malachy sets out to discover the secret of Kilfenora before someone else gets there first.

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonIf you visit the little town of Kilfenora you will find two of the ancient crosses are still there. You will find the stone lid of St Fachtnanís coffin inside the abbey (or cathedral). You will also be able to identify other places mentioned in the book.

If you walk along the street you are probably walking on the remains of the enclosing wall of Kilfenora abbey. The guesthouse for the abbey was on the lane running beside the modern school and if you walk down the road towards Smithstown (beside the modern Catholic church) you will see the remains an ancient fort on your left hand side. Local people will tell you that there is an underground passageway connecting this fort to the old abbey and I have used this in my story.

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