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Nuala & her Secret Wolf

Nuala & her Secret WolfWarm and cosy, the girl and the wolf cub sat for some time in the February sunshine. 

The sun had almost reached the west and soon it would go down.

 She had to make some decision about the cub.

 She did not want her father or brothers to find and kill the little animal, but she knew that it was too young to survive on its own. 

A slow death from starvation would be worse than a quick one at the hands of her father…

As she sat there a plan began to form in her mind.’

Nuala adopts the wolf cub, names him Fergus, and keeps him as a secret, shared only with her favourite brother and her best friend.

But these are dangerous times. There are cattle raiders watching the fort and their leader wants Nuala as his bride.

Will the wolf cub be able to save Nuala?

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Banished from Drumshee (book 14) (to be published spring 2004)


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