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The Secret of Drumshee Castle

The Secret of Drumshee Castle‘With a sudden shock Grace realised: she hates me enough to kill me.’

Grace is a rich orphan who lives at Drumshee castle. By the age of twelve, she realises that her aunt and uncle are plotting to get rid of her. 

Only two things make her life bearable and these are her beautiful pony, Golden Dawn, and her friendship with Enda, the son of her foster-mother.

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonThis was a book that I very much enjoyed writing as the Elizabethan period is probably my favourite period in history and I loved researching details of the splendid dresses which Grace would have worn at the court of Queen Elizabeth I

I first thought about this book when I found a little diamond-paned window, obviously from a castle, on our farm. It was a very small window, only about 45 centimetres long and about 30 centimetres wide with strips of metal forming the diamond shapes. The glass was almost completely gone; just here and there, in the corners of the metal strips there were pieces of thick, greenish, bubbly glass.

Somehow this set my imagination on fire and I imagined moonlight shining in through the window and a frightened girl lying on the bed.

‘It was midnight…when Grace woke up suffocating. For a moment she thought she must be dreaming, but then she realised that this was no nightmare. The curtains of her bed had been drawn back and a candle on the chest sent grotesque black shadows leaping on the white-washed ceiling. A rough woollen scarf had been wound around her mouth, and her arms and legs were tightly bound.’


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