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Titanic Voyage from Drumshee

Titanic Voyage from DrumsheeKitty sat very still and thought very hard. One part of her felt quite panicky, but another part was wildly excited. To see America, to go across the ocean in the Titanic...she would always be sorry if she missed the opportunity.’

Kitty loves everything about the magnificent Titanic – its splendour, wearing her beautiful gold necklace at the ceilis, meeting other passengers, including handsome John. She began to get quite fond of the two children in her care, Robert and Tabitha. She did not even once think of her grandmother’s words as she left Drumshee:

‘That necklace must never leave Drumshee, or bad luck will follow.’

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonMost of my Drumshee books are triggered by something I find around our farm, some archaeological discovery, or something I read in the history of the area, but this book was triggered by the film Titanic. At the very beginning of the film they showed the head of a doll lying on the seabed and then when I got a book out of the library about the Titanic I discovered who was the probable owner of the doll and what happened to her eventually.

‘Tabitha burst into frantic weeping. Through her sobs, she managed to cry out, ‘She’s my doll! You can’t take her away! Oh, please, Aunt Victoria, I want her – she’s mine…’

And then disaster strikes. As the Titanic starts to sink and the terrified passengers begin to panic, Kitty realises that Robert and Tabitha are missing.

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