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Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

Cora Harrison's My Lady Judge, the first Burren mystery

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The Burren mysteries

Cora Harrison's My Lady Judge, the first Burren mystery

Published by Pan Macmillan May 2007

Introducing a wonderful new heroine, judge and investigator Mara, and an enchanting Tudor mystery series

The Burren on the western seaboard of Ireland was then, in the year of 1509, as it is now, a land of stony fields and swirling mountain terraces. The people of the kingdom lived peacefully by the ancient Brehon laws of their forebears.

On the first eve of May hundreds of people from the Burren climbed the gouged-out limestone terraces of Mullaghmore Mountain to celebrate the great May Day festival, lighting a bonfire and singing and dancing through the night, then returning through the grey dawn to the safety of their homes.

But one man did not come back down the steeply spiralled path.

His body lay exposed to the ravens and wolves on the bare, lonely mountain for two nights . . . and no one spoke of him, or told what they had seen.

And when Mara, a woman appointed by King Turlough Don O’Brien to be judge and lawgiver to the stony kingdom, came to investigate, she was met with a wall of silence.


"I read and much enjoyed My Lady Judge.

As the first of the Burren mysteries, it sets the scene with competence and skill. Cora Harrison is the most companionable and sensitive of teachers and, without being aware of it, I learned a great deal about Brehon law and the society within which it operated. A legal system based on compensation for the victim rather than punishment for the offender seems to have a great deal going for it.

The character of Mara, the Brehon judge, is beautifully drawn. She is a generous-hearted, wise and humane woman, aware of her shortcomings and with the genuine desire to overcome them. She will make so many friends, all of whom will look forward to each new mystery with keen anticipation.

I wish Cora Harrison success with the series."

-- Alys Clare, author of the Hawkenlye Mysteries

Cora Harrison's United States publisher, St Martin's Press, New York, writes:

More fantastic news for Cora Harrison's stunning debut novel MY LADY JUDGE, which we are publishing in October 2007:

"In MY LADY JUDGE Cora Harrison has given us a lovely, balanced blend of historical detail and good story telling. This book is appealing in every way: a likeable protagonist, a clever mystery, and a richly textured rendering of sixteenth-century Ireland with its fascinating legal system."

--Brenda Rickman Vantrease, author of The Mercy Seller and The Illuminator

Previous Praise:

"An excellent historical novel with a most original leading character Cora Harrison has wonderfully recreated the Celtic culture of Ireland in its mysterious twilight at the end of the Middle Ages. A true Celtic feast with a most sympathetic and believable leading character, Mara, a judge, who enters the mysterious world of her country to bring a just solution to a compelling mystery."  

-- P. C. Doherty, author of The Assassin of Isis

"Sister Fidelma would be delighted with her sleuthing  `descendant’ - a new female Brehon named Mara. Mara solves her cases under the ancient Irish laws in 16th Century Munster, nine centuries after Fidelma held legal sway there. Well researched and written."   

 – Peter Tremayne author of The Sister Fidelma Mysteries

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Publisher: Macmillan

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Publication Date: 04/05/2007

320 Pages

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ISBN: 978-1-4050-91909

Dimensions: 153mm x 234mm

Language: English

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