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There is great excitement in Castletown school.

An English film company is shooting a film locally.

The film producer arrives to hold an audition for the part of a twelve-year-old girl. There are only eight girls in the sixth class.

Who will be chosen?

Will it be Zara, blonde, blue-eyed, and the most popular girl in the class?

Or Ann, also blonde, also blue-eyed, but teased and ignored by the others?

Or will it be one of the other six girls?

*   *   *

Gorgeous, By Cora HarrisonThe girl who is chosen is in seventh heaven.

She has a wonderful day filming.

Everyone on the set thinks she is gorgeous!

But after a while things start to go wrong, both in school and at home.

How will she cope?

Cora Harrison writes:

Cora HarrisonA year or so ago when I was in some school, or library, there was a group of sixth class girls who were very anxious for me to write a modern novel. They were very clear about what they wanted: they wanted a book which showed some of the problems of their age group - in fact, I scribbled down a list when I was back in the car.

They wanted a book that showed bullying and teasing and getting left out of the gang (that they felt was the worst thing to happen to you) and a book that showed life as it was nowadays with problems sometimes happening at home and at school at the very same time.

I suppose the ideas simmered in my head for a while and then I remembered a film producer coming to my school and wanting to recruit a girl from Year Six to play the part of one of the younger sisters in the film 'The Darling Buds of May' and then I remembered a comment from one of my teachers: 'This will make terrible trouble among the Year Six girls!'

And then I wrote 'Gorgeous', a book which combines glamour and excitement with depression and misery for the girl who is chosen to play a part in a film.

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