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Worksheets for the modern novel: 'Gorgeous'

Cora Harrison writes: These worksheets were written to provide some help for teachers in SPHE classes, or in ordinary day-to-day classroom situations, who wish to discuss aspects of bullying and teasing.

Unfortunately, occasional episodes of bullying, teasing and unhappiness over friendship issues occur even in the best-run schools. My experience during my years of teaching is that these are often best dealt with by open discussion rather than by lectures and punishments.

I feel also, that it is easier to discuss a fictional situation than a real-life one as children tend to clam up and issues of loyalty to friends prevent them from revealing their true feelings. 'Gorgeous' provides a good framework for such a discussion.

Each worksheet covers two chapters of the book so that if 'Gorgeous' is being used as a class novel the worksheets can be used while the book is being read.

Click on the link below to view the worksheets (These worksheets open in a new window)

Worksheet One (Chapters 1 & 2): What makes a good friend?

Worksheet Two (Chapters 3 & 4): What makes a poor friend?

Worksheet Three (Chapters 5 & 6): The connection between lack of confidence and being bullied or teased.

Worksheet Four (Chapters 7 & 8): Some ways of copying with bullying.

Worksheet Five (Chapters 9 & 10): The bullying cycle - why do the bullied become bullies?

Worksheet Six (Chapters 11 & 12): How can adults help?

Worksheet Seven (Chapters 13 & 14): Finding the right friend.

Worksheet Eight (Chapters 14, 15 & 16): Developing self-confidence.


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