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Sarah Patton added this:


"It's, it's news from the other world, aparently the entrance into our world is being destroyed which means our land will be destroyed with it."" oh no ", cried the wizard, "That is awful"."Thats, why we are here" the children announced, it's our teacher that wants it destroyed. "Here's our plan" the wizard said reasuringly. Everyone listened carefully as he said............


Sarah Patton added this:


Right obiously at the moment there is no stopping your teacher from destroying the fire place ,so we will just have to make her. Remember I am a wizard, I have magic!! We might have to use a little bit of blackmail, give her a tail or even give her a huge tongue or . . . .


sophie deehan added this:


scamalamaloo will have to solve the crime this time he is the perfect weapon to use for blackmail he is just the best at it


terry added this:


"why do you all look at that old fire with grins on your faces half the time you laugh so loud that if i was at the principles office all i hear is ha ha ha. i do not know whats so funny but on friday we are taking the fire out and it will be at the skip.it wont be that funyy then",remarked the teacher with a grin on her face.


mariyam added this:


The children were having a great time there but forgot completely about their teacher.After spending an hour in fire land.The fire said it was time for them to leave."But we dont want to leave."They pleaded."Im sorry but you have to or your teacher will get suspicious."The fire confirmed."Ok"They all agreed.
The next day they came to the school the fire place was gone and was replaced by a bunch of radiators.The children sobbed all day.And made a promise that one day they will get the fire back.




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