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Cora Harrison

Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Nice to have a fan in my home country!

I must warn that you that 'I Was jane Austen's Best Friend' was written for children - probably 11+. It is however quite accurate so far as most of the historical details of Jane Austen's life are concerned and loads of adults have read it and enjoyed it.

Fri Jan 14 12:58:05 2011

Chloe writes from Galway, Ireland
Hi Cora,
I was amazed to see that you were Irish. You are an excellent writer. I just bought a copy of "I was Jane Austen's best friend" and am dying to start reading it. Up the Irish Cailín!!

Thu Jan 13 19:42:06 2011

Denise Hennessy writes from Cork
Thanks Cora,

Thats great, I look forward too reading it with my class.


Sun Jan 9 23:42:37 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Denise: Yes, it is - just a later republishing.

If you are having trouble with getting any of these Drumshee books you could try Tara Book Company. Patricia there will be very helpful and carries almost all of them which she will immediately post off in a very efficient manner.

Sun Jan 9 20:09:35 2011

Denise Hennessy writes from Cork
Hi Cora

I am finding it difficult to get a copy of The Famine Secret. Is this the same as The Famine Secret at Drumshee?

Thanks for your time


Sat Jan 8 14:55:14 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks for your message, Tommy. I am the most inaccurate of writers and this is a mistake which slipped past editors and copy-editors.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the book, nevertheless.

Thu Jan 6 18:20:03 2011

tommy vella writes from Malta
I just got to read my first of your books, My Lady Judge. It is very interesting both as a thriller and also as a historical novel, two of my weknesses in reading.

However May I point out a mistake. I read the 2008 paperback edition by Pan Books.
The story takes place in 1509, but on page 119, going through the list of cases found in Colman's room, Mara notices her divorce case in the year MCCCXC, which if I am not mistaken is 1390, a hundred and nineteen years before.
Later on in the story the year is corrected to MCDXC.

Thu Jan 6 18:09:27 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Lisa. What a lovely message - and a great New Year present.

Hope you like the sequel as much. It will be out in March.

Sat Jan 1 21:06:13 2011

Lisa Frase writes from USA
I absolutely loved I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend! You did a splendid job of introducing young readers to Austen's world. I am recommending it wherever and whenever possible. As a writer of YA Regency, I hope your book takes off, opening the door and clearing off shelf space for more YA novels in this period. I love the voice throughout the book, as well as how you captured the typical teenager's heart in a historical context. I believe young readers will not only connect to both Jenny and Jane, but they will also feel transported to another time and place through your smooth storytelling. Excellent job! Fantastic book! Loved it!

Sat Jan 1 21:01:41 2011

tracy cowell writes from uk
Hi Cora, I love the Burren Mysteries and have them all, when will there be a new one? I can't wait. Thank you for your brilliant stories.

Sat Dec 11 01:43:55 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Carolyn.
Funnily enough I have always wanted to see Canada!
The Burren is beautiful, especially on a sunny day. Try to climb Mullaghmore (the mountain above this page) if you get a chance.

Wed Dec 8 15:50:51 2010

Carolyn Dey writes from Canada
Thank you so much for so many enjoyable reading hours. I am only on your second Burren mystery and am looking forward to visiting Ireland sometime in the near future as I am feeling quite attached to it from your books (maybe because my great-grandfather came to Canada in the potato famine).

From your books, you have described so many places I would like to see.

Thanks again.


Wed Dec 8 14:42:25 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I received your message, Conor, but I'm afraid that I can't help - something to do with copyright etc.

Why don't you ask your teacher for help? And of course there is always the good old dictionary.

It probably wouldn't do your Irish much good to have a direct translation - there's no gain without pain, they say!

Tue Dec 7 10:21:10 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland

I so wished you saw it in the sun! The first few years of the reign of Henry VIII of England (the era where I set my stories) had outstanding summmer - we've had terrible ones for the last few years - and the Burren does really sparkle in the sun.
Still it has its own beauty in the mist. Did you manage to see Mulloughmore? It lies to the east of Poulnabrone. You need to go from Kilfenora half way to Corofin and then turn sharp left just past the ruined church of Kilnaboy - keep going until you see the mountain. My six-year-old grandson climbed it so it is not too difficult.

Fri Nov 26 08:23:36 2010

Diana writes from USA
Hi Cora--
Love the books. I discovered them just after we came back from a week in Ireland. The Burren was one of the places we visited--I had read a guide on ancient Ireland and it sounded very interesting.
We drove (an adventure in itself) from Lahinch up to the Burren with no map--it was a cloudy day and on the backroads we didn't see anyone. It was mysterious and amazing, with the landscape and the mountains were just as you described. We stopped at Newtown Castle and Poulnabroune Tomb, and drove through Kinvarra.
When I began reading the books it was like visiting the Burren again. We are already planning our next visit to Ireland, and I hope to see more of this beautiful area as well as the rest of Ireland.
I'm a librarian, and have recommended your books to quite a few patrons. It's the first time that I received a thank you note from someone thanking me for suggesting a book! They really loved your work, as do I.
Looking forward to your next book.

Thu Nov 25 23:51:01 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Louis: I suppose I could do that, but I think that kids like reading each other's messages and may not want to plough through remarks about books that they will not have read.
Glad you like my books. Which ones did you buy? I hope that you didn't buy 'Michaelmas Tribute' AND 'A Secret & Unlawful Killing' as they are the same book (one published in the UK and one in America)

Sat Nov 13 11:16:57 2010

LOUIS writes from America
Hey Cora I was wondering why dont you put the childrens notes mixed in with the adults I mean a children write in here nyway .

Love ur books and I bought 6 of them today

Fri Nov 12 16:27:26 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Stiofan: They ran out of print - twice - and then decided just to concentrate on the paperback (which I think is now out-of-print)

I have a few spare copies and since you are a neighbour can leave a signed copy for you somewhere convenient. Or if you trust me with your address (it will not be published as all messages come to me first) I will post it to you if that is more convenient.

Wed Nov 3 20:17:04 2010

Stiofan Schmeitz writes from Co. Clare
Hello Cora,
what is the reason why "Writ in Stone" is not available in hardcover any more? I tried every conceivable online shop and tried 2 book stores but with no luck.
I checked for new books from you frequently but for one reason or another missed this one.
Thanks for a hint.

Wed Nov 3 20:10:41 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Thanks, Nancy.
It's so lovely to hear of people enjoying the books and so nice of you to take the trouble to tell me.

At this moment - or in ten seconds time - I will be editing book 6 - Scales of Retribution.

And when that's finished and when I have finished book 5 of THE LONDON MURDER MYSTERIES, a series for children, I shall begin on another Mara book. At the moment it's called MURDER BY CONTRACT, but that may change. I'm looking forward to going back to describing the Burren, a place that I love very deeply.

Wed Oct 13 09:00:46 2010

Nancy Todero writes from Syracuse, NY, USA
Dear Cora~
I'm both pleased & disappointed to be done w/ the Burren Novels. I have deeply enjoyed ALL of these books, and find myself wanting more about Mara & the King & all the others in the mystries. Only hoping to have more of The Burren come to me!! I believe I saw that you were working on a new book. True?? I would LOVE to have 5 or more books to continue these characters.{One would be fine for now!! Lol!} Thank You so much for entertaining me & so many others!! ~~Many Blessings~~Nancy Todero~~USA

Wed Oct 13 01:42:14 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I'm so, so sorry that happened. It is so stupid! The American publishers thought 'Michaelmas' was too hard a word for Americans (something that all the Americans I know are quite indignant about!).

However that is the only time this has happened. the next in the series, 'Sting of Justice' is the same all over the world as is 'Writ in Stone' and 'Eye of the Law'.

I'm so sorry about your disappointment.

Thu Oct 7 10:14:02 2010

anna amadei writes from italy
I'm a great lover of Irish culture and lore and simply adore your books, but recently I had a great disappointment:
Last year I bought "Michaelmas Tribute" and last week I ordered "A Secret and Unlawful Killing", only to find out that it was the same book. Why the Amarica Editors change the original titles? It is so misleading! Can you give me the names of English or Irish editors, just to avoid further problems?
With my evelasting gratitude and appreciation.

Thu Oct 7 10:07:05 2010

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Poulnabrone is something special, isn't it!

I think that it's wonderful that the people who own Caherconnell have made it accessible - there are so many of those forts all over the Burren, but unless you know where to go, and who to talk to, they just moulder away smothered in blackthorn and brambles.

We have an iron age fort on our farm and we need to get a digger to clear the surface vegetation every four or five years or else it tends to get lost. I suppose a few donkeys would be another answer!

Wed Oct 6 09:19:15 2010

marilyn miller writes from usa
hurray, i finally got 2 see the poulnabrone dolmen & caherconnell ! sad to say i left my driver's license in my truck in new jersey so i took a bus tour instead. and i who do not like to fly would like 2 come back! but after reading other messages i see that i'm not the only one! thank u cora for helping educate the public about the ireland that was.

Tue Oct 5 22:10:18 2010

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