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Mullaghmore mountain on the Burren, County Clare, Ireland

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Dolores Sierra writes from USA
I've just finished the third in the Burren series, which I'm reading on my Kindle. I love them. I've wanted to know more about the Brehon laws for a long time, and find your introductions to each chapter to be most informative. As another reader wrote, I feel that the characters have become as real people I know and like. I'm ready for "Writ in Stone" now, but wanted to thank you for this wonderful series of books. I'll be purchasing paper copies for a friend soon. I don't know if this will seem like a good comparison to you, but I find this books to be as enjoyable and informative as Morgan Llywellyn's books. We visited the Burren briefly when we were in Ireland several years ago. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well that day, so didn't get to see as much as my husband did. He loved it though, and still talks about it as one of his favorite Irish places. (though he didn't see Glendalough, which is one of my favorite places.) Thanks again for this wonderful series!

Thu Jun 16 02:12:25 2011

Joan Evans writes from England
Hi Cora,
No I cannot yet bring myself to get a kindle,apart from the expense the idea simply does not appeal to me, tho' I must admit when I saw Writ in Stone was available on Kindle I did toy with the idea for a moment. I shall have to think of some other way.
Thank you for your reply,

Tue Jun 14 01:28:42 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Do you have a Kindle, Joan?

All of my 'Mara' books, including 'Writ in Stone', 'Eye of the Law' & 'Scales of Retribution' are now on Kindle with both Amazon Uk and

Sun Jun 5 10:12:27 2011

Joan Evans writes from England
Hi again Cora,
I got several other books from the Tara Book Shop.My grand daughters are now reading all about Alfie.I received very nice service but sadly they do not have a copy of 'Writ in Stone'. I am still looking ...there some hard back copies available at a high price.I am in Limbo with Mara as I don't want to proceed out of sequence. Guess its worth the wait tho,unless you know of anywhere that might sell copies.Thanks again

Sat Jun 4 22:49:26 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Could you give chapter and verse for your assertions? I have been through Egerton 88 (the Domhnall O'Davoren mss) in the British Library and I did not get that impression.
In any case, I am writing about a time almost sixty years earlier.

Fri May 27 16:02:03 2011

Conor Shinkins writes from Ireland
In your book My Lady Judge, you write that The Brehon had 6 students under her at her Law School, when in actual fact a learned Brehon was more likely to have many more students than that. We know this from surviving Brehon Legal Manuscripts such as that written by Domhnall O'Davoren and his students between the years 1564 and 1569 at his Law School at Cahermacnaghten in County Clare, now in ruins. This is the problem I have with writers writing fictionalized books based on true events, they very often don't have the expertise to write about about these subjects and fill in the gaps based on guess work, which is quite often incorrect.

Fri May 27 14:10:48 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Tony & Mary: the name, of course, was orginally de Burgo - it's of Norman origin, rather than Irish, though the Burkes, or Bourkes of Galway became more Irish than the Irish themselves.

Glad you enjoyed the books.

Thu May 19 17:15:50 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I think that 'Titanic - Voyage from Drumshee' is out-of-print, Anna. Wolfhound Press were taken over by Merlin who then went out of business. I got the rights back, but haven't done anything about getting it reprinted.
I'd say that the book is mainly suitable for Primary School children.
Yes, I was born in Cobh and lived there until 1942 when we moved to Cork because of the problems for my father trying to get ot work on a train that was fuelled by damp peat (turf).

Thu May 19 17:12:07 2011

Anna Keating writes from Cork (Cobh)
Hi Cora
I am a Home School Liaison Officer at Carrignafoy Community College (secondary) in Cobh where you were born a fact I was amazed to learn. As next year will be the anniversary of the Titanic disaster I am planning a 'One Book One Community' event hopefully starting with the reading of a book around about October with various other activities based on the chosen book and the historical event itself. I was hoping to choose a book on this topic. At the moment I am reading various texts on the Titanic and currently reading your book from the Drumshee Collection and thoroughly enjoying it. I would valueyour opinion as to its suitability for both adults and children. And I would love to know if you have been involved in a similar activity anywhere else in the country. I am also wondering if it will be possible to buy a substantial number of new copies of this book as the copy I have is pretty worn out and if I want people to read it obviously it would be nice to have a perfectly new copy.
Looking forward to hearing from you Anna

Thu May 19 14:10:54 2011

Tony and Mary Bourke writes from Australia
My husband and I have written before after reading My Lady Judge and The Michaelmas Mystery. We have just read The Sting of Justice which you promised had a Bourke in it.My husband Tony worked in Ireland in 2003,2004, as a chemist and was told that it was spelt Burke in Ireland to which his` response was that he spelt it the way his father did(as did Clanricarde,Earl of Mayo,Gov.Richard of N.S.W.,and Mary Robinson etc. We also very much enjoyed Writ in Stone. We believe the mysteries would make a good series or movie. There is alot of interest in Irish history in Australia. Thank you for the great stories. Mary Bourke (Nee McNamara)

Thu May 19 09:11:09 2011

Joan Evans writes from England
Thanks Cora ,will do -Joan

Wed May 18 14:31:15 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Ron & Joan:

You should be able to get what you want from a bookclub in Ireland.

Patricia Lyons deals with books for children mainly, but has all of my books for adults, also.

You could email her at this address:

Hope this works. Let me know if there is a problem

Tue May 17 22:53:34 2011

Joan Evans writes from England
Hello again Cora,
Its good to see that so many people are enjoying your books.I,however,am a lady-in -waiting as I don't want to skip a book and read out of sequence.I am trying to obtain a copy of "Writ in stone".I have been waiting months for an order from two very well known sources and now been informed its unobtainable.
Is there a way I can purchase from your website? I shall go mad wondering what is happening to Mara.I must not move on to the next book until I've read this one.
Thanks for your time,

Tue May 17 21:25:20 2011

Ron writes from USA
I have copies of all of your books because I have enjoyed reading each. I collect only authors I personally enjoy and wish to share with my nieces and nephews. My collection is my legacy to them.

I have difficulty getting signed copies of your books. Other than bringing them to you in Ireland (which I'm sure you would not want), how can I purchase copies you have signed? Do you travel out of Ireland to book signings?

Tue May 17 20:35:55 2011

Amy writes from USA
I will thank you so much for replying :)

Mon Apr 25 16:11:25 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
I certainly will do so, Amy.

Persuade as many as possible of your friends to buy it, or libraries to stock it. And then the publishers will be keen to do another one.

Mon Apr 25 14:52:26 2011

Amy writes from USA
I just finished reading your sequel "Jane Austen stole my boyfriend" after just starting it two Days ago. It was absolutely Brilliant! Please Think about writing a third!

Mon Apr 25 13:11:08 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Niamh: I do hope that I will be able to write another Jane Austen book. They are such fun to write.

M. Vone: I agree with you and must tackle my publishers again about this issue. I'm glad that, nevertheless, you managed to enjoy the books.

Beth: Try Fergus Kelly, professor of Early Irish Law in THE DUBLIN INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES. This is his I found his books, Early Irish Law and & Early Irish Farming excellent and most informative.

Wed Apr 20 19:45:45 2011

Beth Muir writes from United States

Thanks so much for the information. It does seem that certain interpretations need to be looked at again. Are there any current libraries that have copies/translations of the Brehon laws available?


Wed Apr 20 06:09:50 2011

M Vone writes from USA
Absolutely love your series that takes place in the Burren or Ireland. It is definitely a beautiful area. But for those of us who can't just sit and read thru your books - and have to take breaks to work - please include a list of characters, some maps, and a glossary. Thanks so much for writing these books !

Wed Apr 20 04:57:29 2011

Niamh writes from Ireland
Dear Cora Harrison,

I loved "Jane Austen stole my boyfriend". I really enjoyed reading it and I hope you write a sequel. I also enjoyed the first book "I was Jane Austen's Best Friend".

Thank you,

Tue Apr 19 22:21:02 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Janis: Thank you for your appreciation. I did enjoy writing the Jane Austen books, but I have to admit that the 'Mara' books are nearest to my heart.

Tue Apr 19 19:40:24 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
Ruth: I'd love to do it, but it will be up to Macmillan publishers to decide whether they want another one or not.

Tue Apr 19 19:35:23 2011

Cora Harrison writes from Ireland
The first recorded writing down of Brehon laws occurred in the seventh century. It is not known whether they were written previously to that, or whether the law were just retained in the oral memory of the lawyers.

Execution was very against Brehon law where a fine was normally imposed in the the case of murder or other crimes. Only the muirder of a near relative was thought to be serious enough to incur the death penalty, and in that case the guilty party was put in aboat with no oars and allowed to drift out to sea. It was felt then that the ultimate decision belonged to God.

Tue Apr 19 19:32:34 2011

I was just rereading i was Jane Austen's best friend and Jane Austen stole my boyfriend and i really hope you plan to write a third book on what happens after the wedding.

Tue Apr 19 18:02:33 2011

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